Published On: Sat, Feb 1st, 2020

Trump unveils long-hyped Middle East peace plan which Palestinians have already rejected (WATCH LIVE)

US President Donald Trump is unveiling his ‘Deal of the Century’, a long-awaited plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Palestinians have already said they are not accepting whatever Trump is going to offer.

Trump is presenting his plan alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a ceremony in the White House in Washington, DC. The Israeli leader said his proposal is “the opportunity of a century.” Trump believes that while the Palestinians will reject it initially, “in the end they will” because “in fact it’s good for them.”

The rosy expectations are not shared by the Palestinians themselves. Ahead of the unveiling of the plan they staged mass protests throughout the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories. The expectation is that Trump wants them to accept Israeli annexation of their lands in exchange for aid payouts, which would end any hope for an independent Palestinian state.

A two-state solution has long been the stated goal of the Middle East peace process supported by previous US administrations. Trump, however, has made a series of unilateral concessions to Israel and is no longer considered a viable mediator by the Palestinians.

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