Published On: Mon, Dec 30th, 2019

Indian police slap FINE on man from Priyanka Gandhi’s scooter ride viral video

An Indian National Congress staffer who famously drove Priyanka Gandhi on a two-wheeler was given a fine for carrying his influential passenger without a helmet and breaching numerous traffic rules.

Priyanka Gandhi, the general secretary of the All India Congress Committee (AICC) for Eastern Uttar Pradesh, had quite a day last Saturday. Her security was breached by an unknown petitioner at a party event, and she claimed she was then “mishandled” by police while making her way out.  

Monday didn’t bring any good news for her either. It emerged that the Uttar Pradesh traffic police issued a 6,100-rupee ticket (US$ 85) on a Congress worker that gave a scooter ride to Gandhi shortly after the incident with the police.

Gandhi, who comes from the prominent Nehru-Gandhi family, departed the Saturday event to see SR Darapuri, a retired 76-year-old policeman and cancer patient, who was arrested for taking a stand against the much-debated citizenship act.

Her motorcade was blocked by police, leaving her with no choice but to climb into the narrow, uncomfortable seat of a two-wheeler. Footage of the ride went viral on social media and made headlines in the local press, especially after the politician complained about police conduct.

Now, traffic cops say Gandhi’s motorcyclist – Dheeraj Gurjar – was driving dangerously and had “faulty plates.” He also failed to equip himself and his passenger with helmets, according to a police statement cited by local media. Police have also denied the “mishandling” allegations.

But against all odds, Gandhi managed to reach the family of the arrested policeman and speak with them.

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